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Hey, I'm Ron Tichenor and I am a copywriter for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Whether you need website content, articles, a monthly newsletter, social media content, or a whitepaper, I can help you convey your message and reach your target audience.

While I focus on informational content, I can also write persuasive copy if you need a sales letter, an email campaign, or a product page.

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Why crypto copywriting is different

The crypto space is full of specialized language and its own unique history. Whatever your specific needs, it is imperative that your copywriter specializes in the crypto industry. Someone familiar with the needs of your market.

Due to my years of experience in crypto, I understand the jargon of the industry. You won’t have to train me on your products and services. I'm a longtime hodler.

Crypto is a global phenomenon. Your content needs to be in clear, concise English for an international audience.

I have extensive experience working with non-native speakers of English. If English is not your first language, I can work with you to help clarify your message and prepare your content for a global marketplace.

My approach to copywriting

I offer a professional copywriting service. I will work with you and your team to get you the copy you need in a timely manner. I have a genuine desire to learn about your project and transfer that knowledge to your target audience.

I work to understand the needs of the reader and try to best convey your message to them, whether it's informational or sales content.

The copy I write is:

Optimized - I write keyword-researched, compelling, and quotable text. Your content will be tightly focused to convey information or invite action as needed for your customer, user, community, prospect, or investor.

Comprehensively researched - the core of my approach is research. It results in an understanding of your product, your customer, and the needs of your project, and produces a better outcome for all.

Custom tailored - each piece I write is unique with the register, voice, and tone that you require. Whether your content needs to be academic, informational, or conversational, I will work with you until you are satisfied.

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