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About Me

Hey, I’m Ron Tichenor. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Thanks for your interest in my copywriting services. Here are a few things about me.

Since 2003, I’ve been a freelance copywriter and web content publisher. I’ve worked mostly for my own businesses, but I’ve also helped many others along the way.

What led me to

As I learned about the cryptocurrency movement and blockchain technology, I recognized the revolutionary change that was about to happen. Blockchain technology will disrupt just about every industry, and cryptocurrency will revolutionize traditional concepts of money. I wanted to be involved in that and not just as an investor.

While I’m techy enough to be dangerous, I’m not advanced enough to be a developer. But I’ve had a long relationship with language in many forms, so writing in this industry was a natural fit for me.

My goal is to get you the content you need and add value to your project as much as I can.

But I have a bigger goal – to help introduce as many people as possible to cryptocurrencies and the alternative financial landscape that they bring. I believe this innovation will change the world, and I want to help as many people as possible benefit from that.

Working with many different businesses and people in the industry gives me an opportunity to do that. I’ve written for ICO projects, educational publications, news sites, investing sites, and industry influencers.

And I’ve worked on many different types of projects, from simple article re-writes, original articles, and blog posts to social media content, product pages, landing pages, emails, newsletters, and whitepapers.

I draw upon my wide array of experiences to creatively solve problems in every writing task.

As a life-long learner, I have post-secondary experience, certificates, and degrees in engineering, anthropology, music, language and literature, with extensive experience in academic writing and research.

In contrast to that part of my life, I am also an avid reader and writer of fantasy and science fiction. I have taught guitar and worked as a language coach for 20 years.

Combined with my experience in crypto, all this gives me a unique interdisciplinary approach to writing projects which allow me to:

  • Produce concise, creative copy that engages the reader
  • Interact seamlessly with other team members in a project
  • Tailor the tone of your content from conversational and edgy to informational or academic
  • Offer imaginative and creative uses of language to make your content stand out
  • Write for all different types of projects with an international audience

I can help generate content for you that conveys your message to your customers and encourages them to engage with you and your brand, so you can focus your efforts where you need to.

If you work with me, you’ll get attentive and detail-oriented service. Your project is important to me, and I look forward to developing a long-term relationship with you as your professional copywriter.

If you need more information, go to my Contact page and request an Info Pack and a full list of services and current fees. I look forward to working with you! - Will write for crypto!