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My Writing Process

Contact and Communication

As we work together, communication is critical.

Because I often work at unusual hours, and my clientele can be anywhere in the world, my preferred method of contact is email.

But for larger or more complex writing projects, or if you would prefer to speak together rather than email, you can call me. Check my Contact page for details.

If you leave a voicemail, please be sure to leave detailed contact information and the best time to call you back.

I will return your first contact with me within 24 hours and usually within a couple of hours when working on your project.

How often would you prefer to communicate as our project develops? I will give you periodic progress reports and updates. But I can do so more or less often if you prefer and by whichever method you prefer, email or phone. I want to be as communicative as you need.

Also, I ask that you assign me a single point of contact on your team, if this is not to be you. I will communicate directly with that person and they will deal with your other team members as needed to obtain information and approvals.

Project Discussion

To get started with a potential project, I will send you a Discovery Questionnaire. This will help both of us to clearly define the scope of the project and ensure the best results. The length of the questionnaire will depend on the type of project.

Please fill it out as completely as you can or feel it needs to be. Include links where appropriate and attach relevant documents and resources. For most projects, returning the questionnaire within 3 business days is ideal.

After I receive the completed Discovery Questionnaire, I will review and study your responses, plus any other applicable initial research needed. From there, I will outline a short Project Roadmap.

This will save you time and ensure I understand your requirements, and it gives me the best possible starting point on your project.

Getting Started

When we have agreed to move forward in principle, I will draft and send you an Agreement. If your legal team has an agreement, we can also start with that.

This Agreement will include a project description, scope, deliverables, exclusions, deadlines, writing fees, payment terms, copy ownership, and other conditions for both parties. In short, everything needed to complete the job.

I may require 50% payment upfront for larger or more complex projects. I will inform you of that as we first dicscuss the project.

When you’re satisfied the terms meet your needs, send me an email stating your acceptance. The agreement will serve as a contract between us, unless otherwise indicated. I will send you a Confirmation email and begin working on your copy as agreed.


Research is the foundation of my work. Beginning with the Discovery Questionnaire, I will conduct a complete review of your website and any other materials you provide me. From there, I will research the market, including your competitors.

As needed, I will reach out to you for additional details, product samples, and other resources. In some cases, I may ask to interview your marketing team, developers, or other relevant staff.

Whether the copy you need from me is informational or direct response, time spent on research is never wasted. It will help me understand your product, your voice, and the needs of your target audience.


Depending on the needs of the project, I may consult with additional professionals such as editors or specialist writers. I’ll hold them to every professional standard I hold myself.

I consider every project to be a potential collaborative effort between you, me, and anyone else required to complete the task. Your resulting copy will be the better for it. You get the benefit of having a team working on your copy without any additional charge.

Review of First Drafts and Revisions

You’ll get the first draft by the deadline or preferably before. Please review it carefully. Also, have any applicable team members review it. The most important thing is to make sure that the tone, register, and message are right for your audience.

After you review the initial draft, it is possible that you’ll want to make some changes. Your feedback is very important to me. You can use the Track Changes feature in Word, Google Docs, or put them in the email body or in a separate document, whichever we decide is the most appropriate format.

I will review your suggested changes within 24 hours of you submitting them to me. We will continue to fine-tune the text until you are satisfied, although usually only one round of revisions is sufficient.

Project Completion and Follow-up

Once all revisions are done and you have approved the final draft I will send you an invoice.

It is due upon receipt. I will make every effort to be prompt in responding to your requests and assume that, as a professional, you will do the same with my invoices.

I prefer payment in cryptocurrencies. Major currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dash are my first choice, but I will accept a wide variety of other coins or tokens. I can accept tokens in a new project, but I will also require at least partial payment in an established currency.

If you prefer, I can also accept PayPal or other traditional payment methods. We can discuss the payment method that works best for you.

Once the project is done, I provide all of my clients with a complimentary follow-up. It is helpful to evaluate: What went well? Where can improvements be made? Usually this can be accomplished through email or a brief phone call. Where appropriate, we can map out future projects to ensure that you continue to have excellent copy that meets your goals and grows your business.

I hope you’ve found this document thorough and helpful. My goal is to explain a bit about what you can expect when we work together. My writing is my business. I take your business just as seriously.

Thank you again for the opportunity to be part of your writing project.

To your success,

Ron Tichenor Crypto Copywriter

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